A Woman With Good Shoes Is Never Ugly – Coco Chanel

That’s a little harsh from Coco… but the sentiment is right… you feel incredible when your feet are incased in a great pair of shoes.

So this is my FIRST EVER BLOG from my brand new WordPress site… why I waited so long to move towards the light who knows… maybe just busy photographing Love & Life!  I was thinking about the best way to enter this world of blogging, as I can imagine my words and images flying into cyberspace and disappearing into a worm hole full of lost type, code and sound, before anyone has had the chance to clap their digital teeth around them.

One of the things I love about photographing a brides preparation is all the details and excitement,  I guess it’s all those girly instincts that kick in despite me wearing black and looking more like a spy than a photographer… hmmm makes sense though. So I trolled through my library of tulle, flowers, jewels, and decided on gathering some shoes that have carried their respective brides into and through their wedding day. If those shoes could talk they’d tell a few stories for sure. One of those pairs actually got decimated by the catering truck, Bride slipped them off during the creative session… catering truck turned up to our far flung paddock to deliver the picnic basket of goodies and ran right over those pretty blue shoes sitting in the long grass… eeeek!

So wiggle your toes here come the shoes!