Just Off The Beaten Track – Fiji

After shooting a wedding on Denarau Island late last year, my husband & I had a spare hour or two to kill before heading to the airport so decided to go exploring.  We hired a car and headed down the coast away from the manicured gardens, pool side menu, and drifting sway of  island guitars, in search of some real Fiji. After driving past numerous cane fields, red tractors, houses on stilts, road side fruit and veg stalls, schools and villages, we came across a small riverside village called Semo. We stopped to feed some grazing horses at the fork in the road that led to Semo and was greeted by a young man called Junior who was heading home after a days work. Junior was keen to show us his village and meet his family. We were pretty stoked at getting this invitation, and enjoyed the warmth and openness that Junior and his cousins showed us as they introduced us to family & friends, and told us about the terrible flooding that had almost devastated the village earlier that year. It was a small glimpse into a very rich way of life.

Here are a few images from that wonderful experience.