The Forgotten Garden

I’ve just put the finishing touches on a beautiful Queensberry Pressbook for Mel & Jaco, and delving back into their March 2012 wedding I was transported once again to the most intriguing location… a completely forgotten garden. Well I’m sure the owner of the property knows exactly what he owns, but this garden has been lost in time, along with the voices of the people who used to inhabit it. Just a small echo of what it once was. It kind of reminds me of a location Baz Luhrman would of used but completely made over for “The Great Gatsby”. I think it’s the most amazing place I’ve shot a wedding creative session in, and I need another excuse to drive 5 hours south to shoot there again. I could have spent hours/ days in this magical setting, and had so much fun photographing  Mel & Jaco for the short time I had… but guests were waiting for their dinner, and it was a 15 minute drive back into Taupo. So here’s a taste of their gorgeous day including “The Forgotten Garden”.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Huka Falls Resort, Taupo, Wedding Planning by Beautiful Events, Hair & make-up by Kerry Franks, Bride & Groom portrait location, The Forgotten Garden… my secret;)