West Is Best With Lesa & Frank

There is something so cool about keeping your wedding day local, and that is exactly what Lesa and Franks day was about, getting married in the Riverhead community that is so dear to them.  And luckily enough we have an abundance of sweet options out West! So with Lesa’s prep sorted at her Mum and Dad’s home down the road, and Frank suiting up at their own Riverhead love nest, the only pre wedding challenge was almost getting licked to death by family dogs, Cujo, Mia & Harmony!

The ceremony was at the stunning Brookegreen Park Gardens in Coatesville, and we found an old derelict barn further up the road belonging to a local farmer to go play in. Frank’s brief was to make it staunch, which suited me just fine, and was a nice balance to the soft romantic backdrop of the gardens. The day was parked at the Huapai Golf Club, where family,  friends &  the happy couple relaxed and celebrated into the evening, bringing a little bit of entertainment to some late golfers:)  This wedding was anchored with a massive sense of place and belonging, and these two exude a warmth and positivity that promises an incredible future.