Camera Face – A Slice Of My Life blog 1

Occasionally I’ll post some personal stuff, so here goes:) About a month ago we squeezed in a quick 2 day escape to the Hawkes Bay for a bit of R&R…  well as much as you can fit into 2 days. Ferris and I headed off a day before Perry could un-shackle himself from work, and I had such a cool time with my sweet boy/man son. We drove from Napier airport to Havelock North, food shopped delicious treats for the cottage, watched a Russian art movie, and upset some locals as we politely asked them to move out of our  pre-booked seats (sorry, but they were good seats;).  Ate at the famous Pippi’s, and navigated our way back through dark country roads to our accommodation, the wood burner and the yummy treats we brought earlier. In the following 24 hours (the day Perry arrived) the region received 3 months worth of rain, and that meant YAY… couch time! As the skies cleared in the afternoon we drove into Napier where we hung round some Art Deco buildings which we though we quite suited, and strolled the empty streets, where was everyone? Then it was off to Hastings where P & F played a game of pool while holding a beer in the other hand, filling in time before watching a Zombie movie (Ferris insisted), and circled back to Pippi’s for a 2nd round of goodness.

We missed our daughter Mckenzie on this small adventure, but seeing she was singing through the valleys and mountains of Wales with her Choir we didn’t feel too guilty to be playing without her. I always take my camera everywhere I go… and even though the family gets a little tired of me wearing my camera face, I managed to grab a few shots to reflect some of the fun we had. So this is a little slice of my life featuring  two men dear to my heart!