Hunting Ghosts/ Larnach Castle

Unfortunately I didn’t have any spooky encounters while exploring Larnach Castle, but I did love being transported back to the late 1800’s. Materials for the castle were shipped from Italy, England, Venice, and France. It took 3 years to build its shell, and a further 12 years of skilled european craftsmen to embellish the interiors. And I tell you, I could live with some of that fine marble, spiraling staircases and hand crafted furniture.  But even with that fancy pad to hang out in, William Larnach had a hard job holding onto his wives, his first wife Eliza died at 38 after supplying William with 6 children, and his 2nd wife Mary also died at 38… something sadly strange there. A lot of the original furniture is still housed in the castle, and if you pretend you’re not wearing jeans and a puffer jacket, and can’t hear or see the other ghost hunters, you can almost imagine the Larnach’s inhabiting these glorious spaces and conversing in late 1800 speak. So here’s a little Larney…. enjoy!