Meet Me Under The Sun – Jocelyn & Peter

You know it’s a high summer wedding when the groom packs a spare shirt for the creative session! What a bright sun drenched love affair this was… from the local haunts, to the picture book church, and finally resting with family & friends under impressive chandeliers. The day was immaculately organised and started where all great wedding start, transforming Jocelyn into one of the dreamiest brides I’ve seen, not a hard transformation at all. Jocelyn and Peter’s dream was to feature the Peninsula they walk along every day, where they have shared hopes  and devised plans…  one of the biggest ones yet, their wedding day! So with the sun set high above our heads, and a photographers frown worthy of that toppy light, off we set to catch that love, and boy did we ever… it just kept flowing all day. But that’s just the way these two roll… and their love for each other, and kind hearts are infectious!