Ride A White Horse

Sashi & Namita’s two day wedding affair could not of kicked off in more style or excitement as Sashi arrived swathed in cream & gold upon a white horse. What a procession. His army of a family singing and dancing around him as they swerved & shimmered under a vibrant summer sky. All the young girls hearts were skipping beats, and all the younger boys imagining themselves as princely as Sashi. I’m sure smiles were bouncing from face to face as everyone danced him to his wedding tent.

But Sashi’s entrance was only to set the scene for his breathtaking bride. Namita intoxicated every set of eyes with her grace & beauty as she walked up the aisle towards her future. A gold dipped day starting on horseback and ending under the setting sun, and we were all the richer for it. Day 2 to follow soon.


Hair & Make-Up by Natalie Dent. Venue, Formosa, Auckland, New Zealand.