Day Of Play

With all the important stuff out-of-the-way the day before… like getting married! And the beautiful Sari removed, day 2 of Namita & Sashi’s wedding was leisurely & fun. No panic to get anywhere until the end of the day for a Reception with family & friends. So with a bit of time up our sleeves, the already stunning Namita was enhanced to new heights, while Sashi slipped on his skinny suit. There was playing in a park, hanging out around some closed sunday shop fronts, and making trouble under a bridge. All the things Bride & Groom should do… as well as quite a bit of unprompted kissing & ice-cream eating;) As the sun was setting it was time for food, music and company, all of which they found Inside “The Wharf” perched over Auckland’s lazy summer harbour.

Hair & Make-Up – Natalie Dent