Iris Awards 2015… Good Little Camera

A couple of weekends ago NZIPP held their annual awards, and after a couple of years hiatus I gathered enough brave & sent down 8 prints. I however, did not send my body along with them. I’m sure many would say that I missed out by not transporting myself down there, but this time I choose virtual participation.

My partner in love (and too often work) had to shove the iPad under my nose while I would look with both eyes slightly closed to see if my entries sat amongst the winning images. And as magical fairy dust fell over my shoulders 6 of the 8 images were awarded. This years 2 Silvers & 4 Bronze added enough vaseline to the lens of previous awards to place me as Master Photographer within the NZIPP honours programme. Bit flash even for me, I’m just blessed to photograph the amazing people who choose to work with me.

To celebrate, my good little camera got treated to two prime lenses:)

Special thanks to Courtney, Derek, Charlotte, Lisa, & Nelson x