This stuff makes my heart beat faster in a good way, dreaming sequences at night, and consuming celluloid for inspiration by day.ย 

Cinematography, Direction & Editing – Belinda Bradley

Wharf Report is the 3rd Cine-Single from Selon Recliners new EP “Stories of Later”. Showcasing the West Coast drama of Muriwai & Bethel’s beaches, the sea gives up a young lost soul, out of time & place. He wanders unfamiliar landscapes full of mystery, as rock pools & their contents hint at his past.

Shot on location at Muriwai & Bethel’s beach, West Coast, New Zealand.

Cast – Caspian Rive.

Cinematography, Direction & Editing – Belinda Bradley

Sun and Moon is the 2nd single from the forthcoming EP โ€œStories Of Laterโ€.Four young girls lead us into their secret forested world where hours are lost & the freedom of childhood explored.

Filmed on location on a coastal farm, Waimakau, Auckland, New Zealand.

Cast: Seraphine Rive, Pascale Rive, Joni Te Young & Esmeโ€™ Godwin



Cinematography, Direction & Editing – Belinda Bradley

The First Single from the forthcoming EP “Stories Of Later, due for release June 2017.

Filmed on location in Auckland, New Zealand. An overgrown tennis court plays out the disintegration & memory of two young lovers.

Cast: Brya Pilbrow & Toby Hunt


Cinematography, Direction & Editing – Belinda Bradley

We spend a morning in the studio with artist Darlene Te Young as she creates The Umbrella People. A behind the scenes look at the EP cover art of Stories of Later.